Our history

Like many of the mosques and Islamic schools in the United States, the history of Assalam Center has humble beginnings. Founded by a handful of South Florida families in the mid 90s, our members had hopes of establishing a cultural and religious organization where Muslim-American children could learn Arabic and Islam with their peers.

The early years of Assalam Center took place in the homes of families who were generous enough to share their space as a place of learning and worship. Every Sunday, teachers and students would meet at a different family home. Over time, we established a curriculum, bought textbooks, trained teachers, and enrolled new students, until even the biggest homes in our community could no longer fit all of our members.

By the 2000s, Assalam Center began working with Florida Atlantic University, which was kind enough to allow us to rent classrooms on Sundays. By then, our school was teaching classes in several grades, with students ranging from elementary school age to high school.

As our membership steadily grew, we began to host fundraisers to save enough money for our dream project - our own building in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida. After years of events, and thanks in large part to the love and generosity of our early members, we have been blessed with the Assalam Center School of Boca Raton.

It is also thanks to our existing members that we have been able to keep our dream alive and thriving. If you have not yet visited our center, we encourage you to make the trip, and we very much look forward to meeting you and your family!